The Juan de Fuca Strait

Went to southwest Vancouver Island for a little camping trip back in June.  Great weather my entire stay except for the occasional sea fog. Savor!

Exploring the Cariboo – Ranch Land

There is some amazing wide open places and spaces in the Cariboo.  Plenty of room for ranching.  Savor!

A terribly tedious video can be seen at the following link:

Exploring the Cariboo – The Marble Range

The dazzling Marble Range towers over the countryside in the Southwest Cariboo.  The stretch between Kelly and Big Bar Lakes provides some glorious views.  I even managed to do a little hiking.  Must get back there.  Savor!

Exploring the Cariboo – The Fraser

The Fraser River runs through the Cariboo destined for Vancouver and the Georgia Strait. The climate turns dry, hot and dusty. Very cool for someone who hails in the Wet Coast. Savor!

Exploring the Cariboo

I was away most of June and more recently back to work. As such I’ve had little time for this journal. The good news is I have plenty of photos to present. The bad news is I have plenty of photos to present. So, over the next while be prepared for an onslaught of mediocre pictures! First up a beautiful place I keep coming back to year after year, Big Bar Lake. Savor!