Autumn Walk

A cloudy fall day at Stanley Park.  Savor!

Hornby Island VII

This is it…the final Hornby post.  At last eh!  We can never leave Hornby without a final walk at Helliwell.  A glorious late summer afternoon greeted us.  Until next year Hornby Island. Only 9 months, 28 days, 5 hours and 53 minutes until we can escape our urban hell!  Savor!

If you’re having trouble sleeping I have the remedy. An absolutely super dullsville video can be watched at the following link:

Hornby Island VI

I promise this will end soon.  Today we’re back at Whaling Station Bay and the Thatch Pub at night…with some sheet lightning overhead. Savor!

Hornby Island V

They keep coming.  This time we’re somewhere along the Outer Ridge Trail, Ford’s Cove and Helliwell under the moonlight.  Savor!

Hornby Island IV

A very…very windy Helliwell.  Savor!

Hornby Island III

I warned you.  More Hornby pictures…and still many to come.  These photos are from a stormy Helliwell Park, Shingle Spit and Grassy Point.  Savor!

Hornby Island II

This tranquil morning was spent at Whaling Station Bay. No people and a thermos of hot coffee.  Can it get much better?  Savor!

Hornby Island I

We had another wonderful time on Hornby Island this past August.  Always sad to leave and we already can’t wait to get back to this “Magical Island”.  Only 343 days 8 hours and 4 minutes…but who’s counting?

At the end of the Hornby blog posts I will include another of my “if you can’t sleep watch this” videos.  Savor!