Cortes Island

Hi all.  Again it’s been awhile. Summer was busy, then we were away for a couple of weeks at the end, then right back to work again. I’m hoping to post several blogs over the next while as I’m finally catching up with everything.

Back in June I visited Cortes Island.  Unfortunately the trip was mostly a washout.  I had planned to camp a week, but ended up staying only two nights due to the nonstop monsoon that started my second evening (and wasn’t going to end according to the weather forecasts). I was disappointed as I had heard this is a beautiful island.  I did manage to snap a few pics during my short stay. Savor!

An opaque movie can be watched here:



Good fortune took me to Iceland a few weeks ago and I was able to tour around Reykjavik a little.  Thank you Thora and Julia!  Savor!

If you would like to go into a coma over the Christmas holidays you can start by watching this video.


Ferry Ride

In Howe Sound British Columbia.  Savor!

A super snoozer video of the trip can be watched here:

Hornby Island VII

This is it…the final Hornby post.  At last eh!  We can never leave Hornby without a final walk at Helliwell.  A glorious late summer afternoon greeted us.  Until next year Hornby Island. Only 9 months, 28 days, 5 hours and 53 minutes until we can escape our urban hell!  Savor!

If you’re having trouble sleeping I have the remedy. An absolutely super dullsville video can be watched at the following link:

Hornby Island VI

I promise this will end soon.  Today we’re back at Whaling Station Bay and the Thatch Pub at night…with some sheet lightning overhead. Savor!