The Cariboo IV

Of course I can’t end the Cariboo blogs without a few photos of Big Bar Lake.  I will miss being there and already look forward to going back next year.  Savor!

A  rather long video of our adventure can be found here:


The Cariboo II

One of the days we were there, the Skeena Street Legend and yours truly ascended the great Mt. Bowman.  Video to follow at the end the Cariboo blogs.  Savor!

The Cariboo I

Hi all. It’s been a while as work completely took over in May. While I’m back to the daily toil, I was able to get away a few times in June. Unfortunately the weather didn’t often cooperate but a good time was still had. The next few postings will be from our annual lads trip to the Cariboo. First up, a rainy day drive to the Gang Ranch. Savor!

Alexandra Bridge

Back in March we made the two hour journey to this old retired bridge I’ve always wanted to visit. Each summer we trek off to the Hinterland, each summer I reluctantly progressed by this relic from the past, hence this specific mission on a beautiful spring day.  Savor!

A short video for your enjoyment!


Hi all.  It’s been a while.  Life takes over and before you know it two months have passed.  Spring is in the air (at least here in Vancouver) and soon my schedule will slow a little and occasionally I’ll be able to escape my urban imprisonment. Recently I was able to take a couple of winter walks at the P.N.E.  Savor!