Hornby Island VI

I promise this will end soon.  Today we’re back at Whaling Station Bay and the Thatch Pub at night…with some sheet lightning overhead. Savor!

Hornby Island V

They keep coming.  This time we’re somewhere along the Outer Ridge Trail, Ford’s Cove and Helliwell under the moonlight.  Savor!

Hornby Island IV

A very…very windy Helliwell.  Savor!

Hornby Island III

I warned you.  More Hornby pictures…and still many to come.  These photos are from a stormy Helliwell Park, Shingle Spit and Grassy Point.  Savor!

Hornby Island II

This tranquil morning was spent at Whaling Station Bay. No people and a thermos of hot coffee.  Can it get much better?  Savor!

Hornby Island I

We had another wonderful time on Hornby Island this past August.  Always sad to leave and we already can’t wait to get back to this “Magical Island”.  Only 343 days 8 hours and 4 minutes…but who’s counting?

At the end of the Hornby blog posts I will include another of my “if you can’t sleep watch this” videos.  Savor!

Four Months and Twenty One Days

And were going back to this magical island. The better weather has me thinking about last summers vacation, and anticipating this years. Savor!