Camping Trip II

The cast of characters.  Three old bald men and two good looking strapping young lads.  What a Motley Crue!  Sadly it was likely my fathers last camping trip with his boyz, as it’s getting pretty hard on the old guy now. Savor!



Camping Trip I

It’s been a while, but I’m back. Time flys, life takes over and four months seems like four minutes.

Once again this past June the Boyz made the annual pilgrimage up to the Cariboo and Big Bar Lake. Another great trip. Savor!


Camping in the Cariboo I

Hi all, it’s been a while.  Life takes over and before you know many months have passed.  Anyways, this past June we went on our annual camping trip to the Cariboo and a good time was had by all.  I guess some pictures are in order.  At the end of the Cariboo blogs another of my mind numbing videos will be included to help with your sleep. As always, Savor!